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Looking to improve your MMR and climb the ranks quickly in League of Legends? Our software offers special features that enhance your gameplay and help you focus on the big picture. It's compatible with all champions and works on any computer.

Our scripts are the key to unlocking your full potential in League of Legends. With special features that help you play better and stay focused, you'll be able to take your game to the next level. Start improving now and see the results for yourself!

Features in this tier

Dodges all spells of champions casted at you. It's automatic, you have nothing else to do.
Calculates the trajectory of enemy champions, it's easy to damage them with spells. Much easier to predict their position when you use this feature.
Our orbwalking software farms for you and makes you earn more gold ! Last hits and spells are casted while you move. You can tweak all options to make it perfect with your own playstyle. Really easy to setup.
Target Selecting
Set target priority for the scripting part, in which champion order your spells and skills will be directed.
Champions have their own combos and it's really hard to master them all. Our LoL Script knows them for you and picks the logic of the gameplay you need. It also uses Auto Heal, Auto Smite, Auto Ignite etc.
Includes all visual features but also drawings on your screen for noticed wards, attack radius of various champions and minions, movement of enemies on the mini-map and many other little details like jungle vision.
Tune the delays between script actions, allows you to make your actions more acting like a human.
Performs certain actions for you like Auto Smite, Auto QSS, Auto Heal, Auto Ignite, Auto Ward and all other things like Zhonya.
Contains additional settings for customization (choice of colors, transparency of menu items), language selection and many more
Config System
Save your settings forever. You can also share your config with other players, or use someone else's
Reliable anti-cheat bypass
Our security and protection against bans is strong, so if you play carefully and don't get reported, you will never get banned.

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